Embedded Micro Technology is an experienced one-stop electronic design and development resource for the Space Coast.

We are LED lighting specialists with versatile, proven designs ready to be adapted to your application.

Our core expertise lies in all facets of electronics hardware, software and packaging:

    •    Embedded systems design using microcontrollers
    •    LED lighting, backlighting and computer vision
    •    Microprocessor and microcontroller based designs
    •    Digital electronics (microcontrollers, embedded design)
    •    Industrial automation controllers
    •    Schematics, PCB layout and board documentation
    •    Laser controls, TECs and related optics
    •    Computer hardware, adapters and interfacing
    •    Analog, video and audio electronics
    •    Electronic high-speed radiation detection
    •    Consultation in electronics and related industries
    •    Troubleshooting existing products and processes
    •    Software GUIs for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms
    •    Electronics packaging and enclosures

In addition, we have extensive experience in the many related disciplines necessary to complete your electronic solution.